I’m really loving this spicy, winter, healing stew I made yesterday – as usual I’ve made a HUGE pot full and I just can’t stop dipping in and out. So, thought I’d share the recipe in an attempt to try and distract myself for a while. It’s very easy you’ll be pleased to know and it’s incredibly healthy too. I’ve been a pretty poorly recently with various ailments.… so this is my attempt to get back on track in an attempt to help myself heal and also carry on with my “Hot Day” “Cold Day” regime that has slipped a bit over the Christmas period. Today is actually a “Cold Day”, meaning I eat mainly RAW, about 70-8%, however a bowl of this healing hot stew was definitely needed to help warm me up nicely on this chilly winters day.

For the stew base, I have added 3” of fresh turmeric and 4” of fresh ginger, it’s actually very spicy (in a ginger kind of way) so if that’s a bit much for you just reduce it. I have inflammation at the moment so I can get a bit carried away with the turmeric and ginger – I adore it, in food, juices and in salads too.

This is SO filling as well, full of flavor and of course perfectly plant based…. just how I love it.

I also made a HUGE pan, easily enough for 10+, I like to freeze individual portions – if this is too much for you then just halve the ingredients.

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